Standard Procedure for installing and testing EOP units

EOP units should not be installed behind surge protectors if at all possible. I believe the electronics in the surge protectors can interfere with the signals the EOP units use.

Install send and receive units in a proximity where we would expect them to work OK first - within the house or something like that. Connect your Netbook with a CABLE to the receiving unit - assuming here that the sending unit is connected to the modem/router. Test ping times from your Netbook to the router using ping -t . Leave it running for a few minutes to make sure the link is stable.

After testing to get this benchmark, move the remote unit to where it is needed and re-test with ping using the same cable connection. Look at the ping times - if they are reasonable and it stays stable then go ahead and set up the wireless on the remote unit and test it (assuming it is a wireless unit!). Ping times can vary but I believe they should be below 50ms and there should not be any packet drops.

We can also use the NetUptime Monitor program on your Netbooks as a persistent ping tester so please remember to set this running at any job where you are having connection stability issues. This will track and log failures over time better than a simple ping test.