Our philosophy is quite simple

We aim to provide the highest quality mobile computer services at a reasonable price. In order to achieve that, we select the best people we can find to do the job – our qualified, experienced and trained technicians.  They are the people who do the work for all our customers, and they are the most important part of our company.


How we work

We want to work as efficiently as we can to provide our services at the best price possible, so we aim to keep our overheads low without affecting the quality of our business.  We provide mobile services so we don’t need a large headquarters facility. We believe that with modern technology we can build our business in a way in which we keep our operating costs down, deliver excellent services to our customers and provide flexible working environments for our employees.

We are committed to respecting the environment. Our business systems are designed to be as paperless as possible.  Our technicians drive fuel efficient vehicles and we schedule our jobs to minimise driving times as much as we can.

We are people-focussed and our first priority is always our customer.  We strive for positive communication with the customer and we want to develop a strong, long term relationship with every one of them, working in partnership to empower their use of technology.

Equipment Available

All technicians carry equipment with them to appointments to enable fast, effective solutions for our customers.  Most general items are available at the appointment however something specific to your requirements may need to be ordered.  This usually happens overnight so the appointment is then rescheduled to enable the technician to complete the job.

New Computers

We also recommend or sell PC's, laptops or Apple devices so ask us for advice before approaching one of the large retail chains.  What they are advertising may not be the best solution for you. We have noticed that "the best deal" is often the lowest specification available or may not fit your needs.  Just ask for our advice first, it may well save you time and money.  We can build a computer  to your specifications or source manufactured units for you.  If you need to be up and running quickly we usually have loaner computers available to keep you going while we source your new computer.