Thunderbird IMAP

I have had two different problems in the past couple of days trying to make this work.  Seems like there is a problem with this combination.

I know from personal experience that our method of setting up Yahoo users for IMAP works fine in most cases.  I use it on multiple platforms and, apart from the occasional glitch sending, it has worked OK for quite a while.

However, we set up a customer and had to use TBird as an IMAP client because there was different issue with WL Mail (which I would normally recommend) and it turned into a disaster.  I had to save the day by switching to POP which happened to be OK for this customer.

Next day I tried to change an Xtra mail customer who was already using TBird with POP to using IMAP so it would “sync” with her iPad.  It just did not work correctly - it looked fine at first but when I tried to demo deleting messages it went weird and deleted the wrong message!

So unless we find out what is going on here (and it would take some experimenting with an Xtra email account, TBird client and deleting messages) I want us to avoid using this combination at all costs.

I usually try to stick with standard MS products on any Windows platform as I believe they “should” work better….