NOW NZ is a company headquartered in Napier who are selling hard into the fibre market. They are offering well priced packages to get customers on to fibre services including VOIP phone. I am not going to make any judgements yet about the quality of their services, suffice it to say that so far I have NOT been recommending them myself.

They currently use a Netcomm router on the fibre connections I have worked on and they replace any existing router. I found out today that they do not, by default, allow customer access to this router. You have to get to it on a special port ( and the admin/admin credentials printed on the bottom of the unit do not work unless you talk to their tech support and get them to enable it. They will then tell you that the customer is then responsible for it. All this because I wanted to change the SSID and password to match the customers other router to save changing a whole lot of other devices!

This customer had not been set up with an email account by default, when they asked they were setup with an . and smtp worked with default settings and no security. When asked if they provided IMAP services they said no!

This customer also had phone service (VOIP) with them and said they had some issues in the first week. They had the 30MB fibre connection but I could not get a reading above 22MB from speediest. I also observed the same at another customer using this ISP and he also had a lot of phone issues.

Please post any further feedback or experiences with this ISP in the comments here.