Which version of Windows should I get?

Windows 7 or Windows 8?      Which should I choose?

Here are a couple of things I hear a lot:

“I have heard a lot of bad things about Windows 8”

“If I choose Windows 7 will I be stuck with it forever?”

Microsoft has acknowledged that Windows 8 has been quite a failure in the consumer marketplace. In my opinion they tried to change too much at once and make a “one size fits all” operating system when they did not need to. Windows 8 is very much aimed toward the touch screen platforms, but not all of us have or want touch screens on our laptop or desktop computers.

Windows 7 is a good, stable operating system, which most people can relate to because it looks and works a lot like the previous versions of Windows operating systems they are already used to.

My recommendation is to stick with Windows 7 if you are already using it or a previous version of Windows. If you are buying a computer for the first time then Windows 8 should be fine and there are a lot of new features and updates to make it worthwhile over time. Microsoft has already told us that the next release of Windows will be released some time in 2015 and there will be an upgrade path available from Windows 7. Apparently it will be called Windows 10 – and nobody knows what happened to Windows 9!