Choosing the right sort of computer

Laptop, desktop, or micro computer – which should I choose?

Here are some of the factors I would consider:

· If you already have a desktop computer (and I include any computer with a separate unit and screen in this, it could be a tower unit on the floor) and you would like to re-use your existing screen and keyboard, then get a replacement desktop unit.

· If you would like something more portable, then consider a laptop. Modern laptop computers have great capacity and speed and good battery life. They can also be used with an external screen, keyboard and mouse so you can actually get the best of both worlds this way.

· The micro computers are a great option for someone who does not need a laptop or does not have space for a desktop unit - offices with limited space are a good example. These micro units can even be fitted to the rear of a screen to give the appearance of an “all-in-one” unit. Personally I think this is better than the pre-built all-in-one units as these can be hard to service and sometimes have issues with overheating. With the separate computer unit these can be upgraded or replaced without affecting the screen.