Apple's new music streaming service


Apple has just released it's new music streaming service to kiwis this week which offers the promise of unlimited music to its users on iTunes. This is the first update apple has given itunes since 2013 and apple is hoping that it will bring streaming services to the masses.

To use this app on your iphone or ipad you first need to update your ios and then open the music app which will have a new logo, you will then be asked what different types of music that you like so that apple can personalize the experience for you. This new service will cost 12.99 a month for an individual account or 19.99 a month for a family account and will have all of your music in one place, ripped CD's, purchased music, everything.

We are fans of Apple here at alloverIT and are familiar with other services like Spotify which also offer streaming music services, so this sounds like a good idea. We just hope that it will work with Apple's notorious iTunes without issue, something we are not holding our breaths over quite yet.

It's still a great idea and a long time coming though.