CRM Software

After much research the first thing I'm going to say is.....there is no perfect solution, short of custom software that will have to use some combination of apps or software for all of the features we discussed....especially there is no stand alone app for android that does not use some cloud based system that is worth looking at is a list of the CRM's I've had a look at...

  • Salesforce 5-unknown/month
  • Base 15/month
  • Nutshell 15/month
  • Capsule 12 /month
  • Insightly 0-9 /month
  • Upvise 0-12 /month
  • Zoho 0-35 /month
  • Sage 39-unknown /month
  • Highrise/Basecamp 24-99 /month
  • Nimble 15 /month
  • Goldmine > 600/year
  • Sugar CRM 35-150 /month
  • Prophet 24-unknown /month

After looking at the options remaining and installing and testing many, I think the best of the bunch is has most of the features you identified and will work offline as well as's syncs online when you establish a connection so it takes care of your backup needs as doesn't have the price list feature you identified but I think that is a much smaller compromise than and of the other options...

The only way to test ask of this is of course to install and try it after all you will never know of it works for you if you don't give it a go...